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Many of you reading this (and myself, writing it) will be surrounded by no small number of things. We don’t like to admit it, but the truth is we don’t need most of the clutter we convince ourselves to buy. Yet we keep on buying it all. And gradually, all these things we thought would help us become more productive become a hindrance rather than a help. The less you have to distract you, the more you can enjoy doing good work and living life. So this struck a chord:

"When Andrew Hyde started his worldwide travels, he limited his belongings to just 15 things needed for his survival. What would your 15 things be?"

Perhaps we should all try and limit ourselves like this at home as well as abroad. Well worth a look, even if you don’t agree with my thoughts above. 

Workplace Showcase for 20th March 2013:

Originally posted on Freshome all the way back in August 2012, perhaps I’m a little late to the party. It’s so good though that I have little doubt you’ll enjoy a second viewing. 

You’re looking at a small snapshot of the Kirchplatz Office and Residence, born of a partnership between Huesler Architekten and Oppenheim Architecture + Design, both of whom now use it as an office space.

Originally a centuries old farmhouse, this extensive renovation puts the ample space to good use. Full of natural light and modern, minimalist styling it now provides the perfect setting for the two firms to work comfortably and without distraction.

There is a great deal more to this building than I’ve been able to describe in this short entry. The great people over at Dezeen, ArchDaily and Freshome each have a full overview and many more images for your viewing pleasure.

The Workplace Showcase is a daily feature indulging in some of the very best work setups I’ve come across. Many are unattainable to all but the most resourceful reader, but for these I turn a blind eye. Take the time to take inspiration and enjoyment from them without anything else getting in the way.

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A new coat of paint

Hello everyone! Thank you for being so patient over the last few months. Finally - finally - Simple Desks is back, and with a spruced up design to shake off the cobwebs.

Gradually this week posting will resume, the aim being to post a rough tally of six entries a day once everything is back up to speed.

Thanks to everyone for their kind messages of support.

A long two weeks

It’s been several months since I last updated Simple Desks. You might remember that before the long absence I had planned to upgrade the site a little bit. Unfortunately as I worked on these upgrades my life underwent a few changes which, until now, have dominated most of my time.

I’ve managed to get a handle on things, and I’m pleased to finally let you all know that in the next few days Simple Desks will rumble into life again. I’ve got many, many submissions so there’s no shortage of content (quite the opposite).

During the intervening period I have received countless messages, all of them lovely. Thanks to everyone for being so patient and kind as always. Hopefully I can begin to repay your continued support in the coming days.

Many thanks, and a belated Happy New Year to you all.