A submission from Ryan Paonessa:

My Brooklyn home workspace. The wall-to-wall desk is made from a butcher-block style kitchen counter and iron pipe. The shelving is also wall-to-wall and made from similar materials.

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This is another superb example of how to make the most of a small space. This used to be a lowly closet! Not any longer thanks to the efforts of Mai over at A Cup of Mai. You can find many more photos and details of the decor Mai used over at her article.

A custom built desk by Jeremy Kelly for his partner Nadine’s photography business. She elaborates over at Design*Sponge:

Jeremy made a custom table that spans the length of the room and paired it with a shelf for all my printing, packing and shipping needs.

The gardener’s stool was a vintage gift from our friend Mims in Vancouver. It is likely the single most multipurpose item in our household since it serves as side table and a seat, and transports so easily.

The tulip chair was a must since I have an aesthetic aversion to ergonomic office chairs – every girl needs a sexy swivel chair at her desk. The three muted artworks hanging on the back wall are hand-coloured pages from an antique butterfly field guide.

Go read the full article for some more invaluable inspiration, particularly if you’re looking to make the most of a small space.

Some rustic workspace inspiration posted on Houzz.

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