I owe much of the success this site has seen in recent months to you, the readers. Your support, kindness and engagement have been inspirational. In particular, your submissions help enormously. They help elevate Simple Desks above the run of the mill workspace blogs that litter the internet, and for that I am very, very grateful. They are so important for one simple reason: they represent authenticity. Achievable, authentic simplicity. They form a kind of antidote against some of the more contrived, extravagant desks that appear here, and strike a nice balance between functionality and beauty. Without them, Simple Desks would roam dangerously close to a desk porno site, and that isn’t what I want. So thank you for all your submissions thus far, and please keep them coming.

Submission guidelines:

  • Only one image of a workspace is ever used on Simple Desks, so unless you can’t choose which image to use, please don’t submit any more than that. 
  • The photo of your workspace must be clear and focused. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but any blurriness should be kept to a minimum.

  • The higher resolution of the image, the better. Ideally, all images should be at least 800 pixels wide in order to fit well with the site layout. If you only have a smaller image, that will probably be okay.

  • Please do not include any watermark on your image. This includes both text and graphics. Watermarks distract from the workspace and the overall impact of the image. You will still be credited for the image in the caption, including a link to your website if applicable.

  • Please include some relevant details about your workspace along with your submission. This could be information on the tools you use, your approach to work, make of desk, your reasoning behind your setup and/or anything else you think relevant or interesting. The more the better, there’s no real limit.

  • Finally, please don’t tidy your desk before submitting, unless the mess impacts negatively on the image. It’s often more interesting to see a desk in use, rather than sterile and clean.

The closer you follow these guidelines, the more likely it is that your submission will end up on Simple Desks. It can take a week or two to be posted, so keep an eye out. If your submission doesn’t quite make the cut, it will appear instead on the ‘Unseen Submissions’ Pinterest board.

Thank you once again for being such a fantastic audience.