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One of the things we are most proud of at Simple Desks is the immense community that stands behind us.

It’s your participation that makes this place great. One of the best ways you can be part of that is by submitting your own workspaces to inspire others.

What submissions are we looking for?

  • Please submit only one image of your office/workspace.
  • Try and make the photo as high quality and attractive as possible, showing as much of the room as you can.
  • The higher resolution of the image, the better. Ideally all images should be at least 800 pixels wide.
  • Please include no watermark on your image. This includes both text and graphics. Watermarks distract from the workspace and the overall impact of the image. You will be credited for the image in the caption and all rights to it remain yours.
  • Please include some relevant details about your workspace along with your submission. This could be information on the tools you use, your approach to work, make of desk, your reasoning behind your setup and/or anything else you think relevant or interesting. The more the better!

What happens once you’ve submitted?

The more interesting and inspiring your submission, the more likely it is to appear. Depending on the number of submissions it can take a few weeks to be posted, so keep an eye out.

If your submission doesn’t quite make the cut, it will appear instead on the ‘Unseen Submissions’ Pinterest board.

Thank you once again for being such a fantastic audience.

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We love hearing from you! Contact Sam ( and he'll respond as soon as he can.


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