Cassandra Karinsky’s Sydney apartment. More over at The Design Files.

A workspace with a nice homely feel to it. There’s more over at Mumtoob.

Skylab Architecture’s Hoke Residence in Oregon is a beautiful work of architectural intrigue, filled with natural light and entirely surrounded by nature itself. It is hard to imagine many other man-made structures that can achieve such a connection between those two worlds.

A great find from Architectural Digest.

Natural light always brings something special to a room, and particularly so here in combination with the greenery outside. 

Unfortunately (and not for lack of trying) I haven’t been able to find the original source of this image. If you know where it appeared first let me know!

Update: thanks to Liz for getting in touch to let me know that this was her friend and architect John Kleinschmidt’s former apartment. It also turns out that I’ve featured this beautiful place before in a different configuration. Design Sponge has more.