Minimalism, infographed »

Rince and repeatSeriously though, this is how it’s done. There really shouldn’t be much more to it.

Writers' Rooms »

The Guardian presents a series focusing on the spaces in which writers create. It hasn’t been updated in several years, but with over one hundred different writers profiled (including such names as Rudyard KiplingMartin Amis, Ian RankinMichael Morpurgo, Simon Callow and Roald Dahl) it’s certainly worth a browse. Along with the images are some lovely insights from the authors themselves or those who knew them.

15 Things »

Many of you reading this (and myself, writing it) will be surrounded by no small number of things. We don’t like to admit it, but the truth is we don’t need most of the clutter we convince ourselves to buy. Yet we keep on buying it all. And gradually, all these things we thought would help us become more productive become a hindrance rather than a help. The less you have to distract you, the more you can enjoy doing good work and living life. So this struck a chord:

"When Andrew Hyde started his worldwide travels, he limited his belongings to just 15 things needed for his survival. What would your 15 things be?"

Perhaps we should all try and limit ourselves like this at home as well as abroad. Well worth a look, even if you don’t agree with my thoughts above.